Hey Y'all, Thanks so much for checking in with your girl. So much has been going on. Ive been having so much ups and downs, life is like a roller coaster these days or a day at the beach. I lucked up and had Labor Day weekend completely off and for me thats unusual. I was so excited to be able to go with the flow and plan a beach day. Would you believe Labor Day was the first time I made it to the beach all Summer. Which is unacceptable since I live about twenty minutes away.  It turned out to be a a perfect beach day. I love it when its a overcast day. I can't deal with the sun beaning on me, I ll melt, lol, I'm 100% chocolate!

 I was able to relax and sit back and watch the waves come and go. It felt good to just take it all in. I felt so happy, the beach makes me happy. Which made me think how happiness comes in waves. Sometimes you are so happy you want to scream it from the roof tops and thats like when the waves come in. Other times you feel overwhelmed and feel as if happiness has left you and thats like the water receding back into the ocean from the beach. Then before you know it here comes another wave, a wave of happiness. Labor Day weekend was a wave of happiness.  Let's just say I will be having more beach days in the near future. Until, next time Do more of what makes you happy. Life is to short not to. Love y'all! XOXO -Telisha


Swimsuit: Torrid
Mini Backpack: HenriBendel
Sunglasses: Ashley Stewart
Earrings: Versona
Cute kid: Maddi
Beach: Isle of Palms, SC 

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