I’m always down for events that are engaging, entertaining and educational. The Aperitif v. Apertivo Class was all of that. We crafted our own cocktails. The Cocktail Bandits educated us on the European cocktail culture. All of this fueled my passion to want to head over there to experience it all myself.

The Aperitif v. Apertivo means open or opener. The cocktail itself is meant as an appetizer. It’s the French and Italian version of happy hour. It just so happens, happy hour is my favorite meals of the day. So I’m here for all of this! These cocktails before dinner are suppose to help stimulate your appetite without ruining your palette. Something dry and crisp like champagne or a champagne cocktail would be perfect. We sipped on spritzers paired with lite bites. My favorite cocktail of the night was the Carolina Shandy made with lemonade, lager and edible flowers. I'm going to recreate this one at home.

The Cocktail Bandits also have a book out 'Holy Spirits" Charleston Culture Through Cocktails. I think it's a great resource for creating crafted cocktails for entertaining. The holidays are coming up and why not show off your crafting skills for you guest. Don't forget to add me to the guest list, lol! I love a good cocktail.

If you're local or visiting Charleston make sure you check out the upcoming Cocktail Bandit Events at www.cocktailbandits.com !  You’ll learn something new and sip on something great! Until next time, experience something you haven’t before! -Telisha

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