Hey y’all hey 👋🏾 hoping everyone is doing good and ready for the holidays. I know I am! I love the extra family and friends time and just luv hanging out with them. I’m extremely blessed and try everyday not to take the connections I have with people for granted. 

I love when I’m able to link up and share in some girl time with some of my faves or meet some new ones. I recently attended a Friendsgiving event thanks to Ireana,  @xoxoijoelle for inviting me out. We meet at a yummy desert bar called Galas Desserts. The name sounds like its ment for you to get all your gal pals togther and have a good time. Sad to say I had no dessert or yummy coffee, I was tending a cold so I ended up with orange juice but I had a yummy slice of bacon and cheddar quiche. It was so good. Whenever I hit up a new cafe and they have quiche. I always give it a try and no complaint about it here. 

We sat chatted about the upcoming holidays. Then played a game of questions and took lots of fun photos and hung out! 

I need more of these meet ups. The kind that there is no work involved and it flows effortlessly those are what I’m looking to have more of for the holidays. 

I’m thinking about having my own meet up and doing just that. Well until next time, take some time and connect with your girls I’m sure it’s just what you need to get you in the holiday mood. ❌⭕️❌⭕️💋 -Telisha @thefashionabletraveler

Bacon and Cheddar Quiche'

Ireana, @xoxoijoelle

Ireana @xoxoijoelle
Narcisa @narcisa08
Aris @_likeparis
Tiffany @tiffanychyvonne


turtle neck / Walmart
jeans / Maurices.com
boots / justfabonline.com

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