I’m definitely a try it at least once type of girl. I’ve been hearing about Steeplechase for a few years now and after seeing photos I knew this would be a fun one.  I’m just saying horse races, fashion contest along with food and beverage vendors is the making of a good time. 

This was my 1st time out to Stono Ferry race track. Which was about 30 minutes outside of the city. The day turned out to gorgeous. However, it rained for two days straight before the event. Needless to say they could have added mud run as a highlight. I was glad I decided to wear boots. I was able to stomp around worry free. I saw kids falling in the mud, I saw a lady lose her shoes. 

Even though the grounds was a mess that didn’t stop the fun! We made the best of it. I got a chance to pet a gorgeous horse. I saw dresses made out of just paper. We voted on best male hats and let not forget the horse races. Overall it was cool experience and it’s definitely going in the must do again category. 

This was definitely an event to come dressed up if you like or you could keep it casual. I’m always down to get fancy. I recently received a collab package from Chic Soul. I was in love with just about everything. My favorite was definitely the “one step ahead”  snake print maxi dress. This is such a versatile dress. 

I decided to belt it for this event to give more of an edgy look. I love the bold print and the hint of green and also the ruffle sleeve along with the V neck. This dress also has high slits on the slide and I just think that adds a fun factor to it. I received so many compliments. 

This dress can be styled in many ways:

1. Tie front “for a more casual look and pair it with leggings or denim” 
2. You can also do a 1/2 tuck & also pair with leggings or denim
3. You can rock sneakers, booties or knee high boots

Check out Chic Soul at www.chicsoul.com

Chic Soul dress shown above  click here Snake Print Dress

Hey until next time, have fun with your wardrobe and check out a new event it may turn out to be more fun than you can imagine.
❌⭕️❌⭕️💋 -Telisha @thefashionabletraveler

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