New Brew Update for you!  I had a chance to get my hands on “Sea Island” the Chef BJ Dennis x Revelry Brewery Co Collab. The release of the new beer was held at “The Hold, Revelry” in downtown, Charleston. 

BJ is know for his extensive knowledge about the Gullah Geechee Culture and his amazing food that he is known for nationally. If you see his name attached to anything you know it’s going to be some good eating going down. So, when I heard about the beer collab I just knew there would be some good sipping going down and this was something I had to experience for myself. Oh and I’m so glad I did. 

The “Sea Island” has such a smooth sip to it. Which is what I love it’s very light bodied. It also a gluten free fruit beer. It’s brewed with White African Sorghum and Watermelon. I’m not much of a beer drinker. However with a taste like this I’m thinking fruit beer is what I’ve been missing out on. Everyone who was out that day agreed oh how good the taste was. Let’s just say ... good beer & good friends equal a good time. 

You definitely should visit “the Hold, Revelry” during my visit I was definitely loving the space indoor and the outdoor space is as equally good for social and intimate gatherings. Check them out and grab you a Sea Island! A percentage of proceeds go to the Jenkins Orphange. Sip for a good cause!

 Until, next time sip something new. ❌⭕️❌⭕️💋 - Telisha @thefashionabletraveler @tayloredrotaste

Narcisa @narcisa08

Chef BJ Dennis @chefbjdennis

Sea Island Fruit Beer

Taneka, Narcisa, myself & Johnny @cocktailsbandits

The Hold, by Revelry

The Hold, by Revelry

The Hold, by Revelry

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