Have you ever loved a dress butt, you wish it was longer or shorter? 
You wished the neckline was slightly different or drastically different? 
You wished you could even change the arm length? 
Do you ever wish that you could make the changes before you even get the dress? 
Guess what??? You can with Eshakti. 

Eshakti is personalized fashion at its best. Every girl has a little designer in her. I’ve always seen clothing that I loved but wish it was a bit different. I don’t want to go through the hassle of buying it then, I have to find someone to alter it perfectly. Eshakti gives you so many great options. I never knew about Eshakti until they reached out to me and extended an offer to let select an item of my choosing to try out. I mean, best gift ever! Oh but it gets better, I got to make it my own style by make some changes that suit me better. The experience was fast, fun and easy. Now, how will I ever got back to buying dresses off the rack the way they are, lol? Oh did I mention all their dress have pockets? You’re welcome! 

The dress I saw online and loved but...


I loved the style of the dress the color and the bold stripes. I just wished it was shorter.  I figured this would be perfect for the upcoming Brunch I had to attend during Charleston Wine & Food but.... I made the changes while placing my order. I opted for a deeper neckline, changed the length and went with the longer sleeve. I came out perfect and I received more compliments than I could count. 

Thanks so much, Eshakti! This is a sponsored post. Check them out / click www.eshakti.com and create something that fits your style. Have a Fashionable Day! -Telisha

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