Y’all I was in for a treat for my 1st event of the day in last week Thursday. It was officially day of 2 of Charleston Wine & Food and I was scheduled for “Champagne Taste” this was going to be my 1st Champagne tasting and I was definitely looking forward to it. Rewinding just a bit, I managed to wake up late and didn’t eat breakfast before I went to the event. So I literally had Champagne for breakfast and my soul was perfectly fine with it, lol. 

So we had 4 different ones to taste and two of them I like more than the other. It turns out I’m an extra brut girl. I prefer a bold full flavor champagne.  I can’t say that I’m surprised at all. So we sipped and chat and sipped and chat and sipped and chatted some more. Did you know it’s illegal to label sparking wine as champagne unless it comes from the region in France where only Champagne comes from? Yup! Honestly, I only knew a few things about champagne. One, I like to sip it and that’s not really a surprise. Two, Marilyn Monroe took a bath in it once. So with that being said now I know what I like and I can make a more informed decision when buying bottles of bubbly, YAY ME!

The next event wasn’t until 4:00 and that was wine tasting 101. Why so many wine events you may ask. One of my goals this year was to learn more about wine. I realized when the wine tasting event was over I knew more than I thought I knew. The host would allow us to sip the wine and then ask the class what were they drinking. Several people yelled out and she asked why they think it’s what ever flavor it is that they were guessing. I instantly knew what the 1st glass of wine was. I was surprised when I didn’t hear anyone yell out the right answer. So, I said it’s Riesling. She asked and how do you know, I said I know what I like and Riesling is my favorite. She said “ you’re exactly right “. At that moment I could have gotten up and did a little dance. We sipped on four whites and 3 reds.
A little fun fact about me, I like to sip on white wine during the day and red at night.  I also love wine spritzers during the Summer time. I feel as if wine sets a mood. White is light refreshing and day party status. Where as red for me is rich, bold and gives of a romantic vibe . That’s just me and real wine connoisseurs give me the look when I say it, lol. I aspire to continue learning more and wine, it’s a new found passion that showed up may two years ago and I forward to being able to learn how to recognize white types by scent and taste. Thanks for checking what was poppin on Day 2 of Charleston Food and Wine. Next years date has already been determined March 3-7 2021. Make sure you keep an eye out for the events become available and look forward to next week Wednesday for the next blog post talking about day 3 and all the yummies that went down that day. Until then sip, bite and taste something different. 
Follow along on insta @sipbiteandtasteit -Telisha, Charleston Street Team Wine & Food Influencer. This a sponsored post. 

Follow along on insta @sipbiteandtasteit -Telisha, Charleston Street Team Wine & Food Influencer. This a sponsored post.

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