I am all about small plates and appetizers. Simply because I love the concept of experiencing a bunch of different tasty things all at once. So I knew after looking at the menu I had to get the chicken wings I had to get the okra fries I had to get the Ruben egg rolls and why not chicken tenders and fries!

1st things 1st “Rutledge wings” So plump and juicy and oh so good and this was my 1st time getting a chance to taste the “Goddess Sauce” I’ve clearly been deprived for quite some time. It’s so good you’ll want to drink it, yup that good! 

I love Rueben sandwiches so I had to see what these “Rueben Egg-rolls” were all about. It’s a win! I love how crispy the egg roll is and how it traps in the meat and keeps it so warm and good. 

I was definitely curious about the Okra Fries when I saw it on the menu because I love fried okra. They were crispy and light and paired well with the wings. Who needs regular fries when you can have okra fries right? 

Lastly, the Chicken Tenders and fries was my daughters request. I don’t care where we go or what we order she always ask “do they have chicken tenders” let’s say she was pleased and impressed with the French fries and the “Goddess Sauce” she said we need a bottle of that and I agree. 

Thanks for checking in and checking out the bites! Until next time taste something new. Follow along for all the yummy fun @sipbiteandtasteit on instagram.

All food above is from:

 Rutledge Cab Co

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