Steeplechase has proven to be one of the best out door events. It’s located in Hollywood, SC at the Stone Ferry Racetrack. The weather turned out really nice and it was a great Fall day for the races.

This is my 2nd year and I was looking forward to seeing the horses and tailgating. Honestly, this was my 1st time tailgating and knew I wanted some yummy sips and bites. 

When deciding what to eat “Chs Costal Charcuterie” came to mind. She has some of the best boards. They’re not only gorgeous but delicious. I just love the variety of meats, cheeses and accompaniments she provides. You have to check her out at for any event, I love the creativity that go behind her displays. 

  Ready to drink was my mindset for this event as well and I knew the perfect ladies to reach out to. The Cocktail Bandits are known for crafting insanely good cocktails. So, imagine my excitement being able to place an order and pick up a to go pack! These was perfect for Steeplechase and honestly any event you can think of. Check these ladies out at 

So after getting a belly full, we were off to see the races. There is something so.magical about horses! They’re incredibly beautiful, strong and fast. I have to say I was crushing on #7 she was gorgeous along with 3 and 5 they caught my eye as well. Watching them race was all the fun and the best part of the event of course. 

I’m so glad I was able to attend again this year and share it with you all! Check their website out at

 -Telisha, @thefashionabletraveler

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